Thank You!

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We would like to thank you for your support with our first live streaming concert, organised by and in collaboration with CESAG.

We know that some people encountered some technical problems, mainly due to internet speed, especially in Spain and Malaysia. Hopefully these problems can be overcome in the future.

The auditorium where we played was quite cold so Sebastian (the violinist), Alfredo (the pianist) and I (Susana, the presenter) had to keep our jumpers and coats on! I know some of you were wondering why the musicians were not wearing suits...

It was a fantastic experience for us which we hope we can repeat. On top of having a brilliant "virtual" audience from so many different countries, we were also very fortunate to have a super enthusiastic "physical" audience (more than 1000 kids from the Madre Alberta School in Mallorca!). They behaved so well and were so keen to ask us questions!

A very special thanks to CESAG for masterminding this exciting project and for inviting us to collaborate with them. And thanks to all of you for participating!

We hope that, in the next few days, we can upload the concert onto the web so that those of you who could not watch it live, can enjoy it! We will keep you informed!

Muchas Gracias, Thank You Very Much, 謝謝!

Susana Galván (presenter), Sebastian See-Schierenberg (violin) and Alfredo Oyágüez (piano)

Hola a todos! Hello everybody! 大家好!

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I am Susana Galván, the presenter for the live streaming concert on 11th March... this coming Thursday! 我叫Susana, 我的中文名子是蘇小真!我是3月11日(這個星期四!) 演奏會的主持人...

We are very fortunate to have been invited by CESAG University in Palma de Mallorca to work with them on this very exciting project, "EDUCONCERTS". 我們熱切歡迎貴校共同參與這項極富教育意義的國際音樂交流計劃!這是一項由西班牙 Balears 大學 CESAG 學院與 "Galván & See-Schierenberg" 術家所策劃執行的合作計劃。

Thanks to this project, on Thursday, 11 March we will be broadcasting, in real time, one of our concerts. Violinist Sebastian See-Schierenberg, accompanied by guest pianist Alfredo Oyágüez, will play some of the most beautiful pieces of the classic, tango, jazz and gypsy repertoire. Throughout the concert, I will be sharing some fascinating and scandalous facts about the crazy world of music!

The presentation will be in English, with some sections in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese...

We are very happy to have the participation of many Universities and Schools from many different countries, such as Spain, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan...

Don't forget to join us! All you have to do is go to on 11th March at:

11am - UK time
12pm - Spain time (peninsula)
7pm - Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore
8pm - Japan

One more thing! We want to make this event as fun and interactive as possible, that is why the website will have chat rooms in Spanish, English and Chinese, as well as links to this blog and Facebook, so that you can leave comments, ask questions, talk to each other and generally have a good time!

So... see you all on Thursday, OK? Hasta el Jueves! 禮拜四見,好嗎?

Our meeting point :

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On the 11th of March @ 12:00pm  CET +1 you are all welcome to follow and cpntribute in our live streaming concert at Our artists Sebastian See-Schierenberg (Violin) Alfredo Oyaguez (Piano) and Susana Galvan (Presenter ) will perform pieces from Falla, Kreisler, Gershwin , Mascagni ...between others..


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